What does it mean to truly be a woman?

In modern times, we find that the concepts of masculinity and femininity are obscure, leading to confusion about the roles of the sexes in relationships and disorientation in various life situations, as well as – most importantly – a lack of self-understanding on the path to spiritual development.

Ultimate Tantric Woman is a workshop providing comprehensive tantric training for women. It presents the age-old wisdom of Tantra in the context of building up the global, harmonious, and true essence of a woman.

The tantric path of spiritual growth, which demonstrates a practical approach to realizing your true self as a woman, helps women cultivate the most important qualities they need in order to lead a happy, harmonious spiritual life.

You will learn about and practice the following:

  • The path of energy in Tantra: Understand the reality of various polarities as they manifest in a woman.
  • The path of tantric femininity revealed.
  • The different types of femininity as seen through the prism of the seven chakras.
  • A woman’s states of orgasm: Discover the secrets to women’s vast orgasmic potential, including the G-spot and other deep internal orgasms.
  • The tantric teachings on love: The most powerful teachings of Tantra bring light to this most famous and yet misunderstood emotion. Discover love as a real path.
  • Happiness as an attainable goal for every woman.
  • Special Yoga techniques for cultivating femininity.
  • Tantric mudras as the gateway to powerful rituals: Learn to use the tools that lend magic to feminine tantric ways.
  • The five elements as the window to a woman’s soul.
  • The tantric heart of Shakti: Ultimate Tantric Woman will help participants to gently open and heal the heart.
  • Self-image: Revolutionize the way you see your own body.
  • Surpassing the ego: Ego analysis and shocking self-revelations.

In this workshop, we aim to bring a no-nonsense approach to Tantra’s teachings for women. This is not a “feel good” workshop that makes the ego happy while leaving the soul in doubt. Here we will dig deeply and help you transform into the true ideal of a tantric shakti.

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