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    10 tips to attract a tantric partner

    So first: start to know your yourself. Know your (hearts)desires, what is important to you, what you wish from life and from a partner/soulmate.

    Learn to express your wishes in a way, that is not demanding, both in a truthful and loving way. Do you want a “lifetime partner”? Then don’t act like you are just playing around, and be clear about your intentions. Otherwise you might just attract the partner you do nót wish. Even if you’ve just started showing interest in someone, it’s important to be clear about everything. While you needn’t lay all your cards on the table on the first date, don’t hide anything either. Eliminate the potential for confusion and focus on always communicating clearly. This is also very loving to the other one, so (s)he won’t be disappointed afterwards.

    Know your needs, but be also very aware, of what you have to gíve. Be prepared to give (yourself) full-heartedly, and let the other one know that it’s not all about you, but about a mutually satisfying relationship. And of course, act likewise.

    Show yourself as the radiant, beautiful person that you are. And show that you love yourself. The more you get to know and love yourself, the better prepared you will be to give and receive love.

    Life is a journey to understand and accept yourself fully and completely. You have your own faults and strengths and you must learn to love both in order to evolve into the best version of yourself. Without this type of love, you will never be able to truly love anyone else, as you won’t understand how you deserve to be loved.

    Self-love is all about focusing on the positives in life. While you shouldn’t force yourself to be happy all the time, train your mind to think positive thoughts by catching yourself whenever something negative enters your mind.

    Focus on Personal Development: Always be willing to grow. Dedicating yourself to constant improvement is an important act of self-love. While none of us are perfect or will ever become perfect, we can always become better. When you know this, and let your partner (to be) know that you are willing to grow, then your attitude towards a relation is open. The other one will know that there are ways for the two of you to grow in a relationship, and that you are not the only one who is perfect.

    Focusing on all the positive blessings in your life will help you feel fulfilled and complete even prior to finding your soulmate. This will help shape your positive outlook on life, ensuring that you keep attracting more positivity into your life. Moreover, as you practice being grateful for what you already have, make a point to be thankful for what has yet to come. Also in /with a partner.

    With self-love you are able to show that you are worth to be loved and ready to love.

    Well, as said many times now, tantra, intimacy, starts with you. So we developed a tantra course, especially for you. Which, of course, is called: “Intimacy starts with You!”

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