What is Tantric Sex and How to Enjoy it with (or Without) Your Partner

Ever since sex is no longer a taboo in modern society, there have been quite a few new things you can try with or without your partner. You can get in touch with your body, explore your sexuality, and see what your boundaries are in having this type of fun. This time, we are talking about tantric sex, so if you are not sure what it actually is, and how to enjoy it, keep on reading.

What is tantric sex?

Tantric sex refers to sex that is supposed to awaken the deep connection between you and your body, and you and your partner. Listening intently for your inner wishes, and needs while practicing it, can lead to very intense orgasms, and a wonderful experience in general. In tantra, the mind also plays a big role, so you have to keep an open mind, and be ready to open up.

Trying tantric sex with your partner

Trying tantric sex with your partner can make your relationship even more profound, plus it is a great way to experiment and see what you both like, and how your bodies work. The great thing about it is that you can use a lot of interesting sex toys that can make tantric sex even more stimulating and exciting. Feather teasers are a good example because they awaken every little part of your body. Try this while blindfolded because you will feel every touch even more intensely. You can also try vibrating rings, which will make him last longer, and provide additional stimulation for her. Making it last longer is another important thing when trying tantra because you get to relax, enjoy, and try everything that comes to mind while giving yourselves enough time.

Trying tantric sex on your own

Even if you are not with your partner, you can still enjoy tantric sex. Many people think about masturbation in this case, but the goal of using tantra in solo play is not to climax as soon as possible, but make it last longer to discover all your pleasure zones. For women, this means using toys for external clitoral massage, and the ones that are going to help you get to know your G spot. The important thing here is to find a vibrator that works for you since some like milder, and some rougher ones. Solo tantric sex for men offers a bit fewer toys, perhaps. However, this does not mean you can’t try it. Edging is a practice of prolonging climax. This helps you learn how to last longer in sex, and it will make your climax even more intense once it happens.

Setting the mood

Setting the mood for tantric sex can be different than what you would normally do. You should clear the mess from your room, and leave the place as clean as possible. Make sure accompanying smells and tastes are there. Chocolate, nuts, or even some fruit might help. Music is an important part, so choose relaxing, seductive music that puts you in the mood. Make sure you feel every touch, you taste every bite and hear every sound. This will awaken your senses and put you in an ideal place for tantric sex. Look into each other’s eyes, explore each other’s body before you even get to foreplay. Don’t rush through any part of it, rather take your sweet time. Make sure you don’t have any outside distractions, so you can be truly intimate. Dim the lights, and use your finest, softest silk bedding and lingerie.

Every once in a while, our sex life goes through a dry spell. Even when this is not the case, sometimes we just crave for a more meaningful touch during sex, and we want someone to know our body completely. This is where tantric sex comes in because it combines all of this into one great explosion of emotions and sensations.

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