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TantraLovers | Private Community Portal with main focus on Tantra, introduces new ‘TANTRIC MATCH‘ feature, designed for conscious living people looking to connect. Whether you’re looking for someone to discuss Tantra and related topics or you’re looking for a fulfilling relationship, we wish to meet you expectations by releasing long envisioned Addon to our platform.

How To Use

1. Use Search Functionality

With Premium Membership, you gain access to ‘Tantric Match’ search fucntionality, allowing you to search other premium members based on their age, location or gender. We do our best to have this functionality compatible on all devices.

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2. Check User’s Profile

Before you start messaging other premium users, please make sure you have read the description on user’s ‘PROFILE’ tab. We intend to be a serious website and our intention is to bring a value to people with serios interest looking to connect.

3. Message Other Member (s)

With Premium or Premium Savings membership, you have the access to messaging feature and you’re able to send private messages to other premium members of the portal.

What You Should Know

If you are experienced tantric practicioner, or someone who has serious interest in learning spiritual path of tantra and you're looking for someone to share your journey with, you're welcome to join our premium community of conscious living people.
Access to your profile will only be available for registered members of the portal. Only premium members will be able to use search functionality to find your profile based on selected criteria.
Simply because it is important for us to allow only people with serious interest in Tantra to join our Premium community. * If you are a premium member and face innapropriate behaviour from registered users, please let us know immediatelly.
Yes you can, but be aware that only premium members have signed up for the service with an intention to meet other tantricas, providing their details such as their age and location.
Is this website international?
Yes. This is international website designed to bring closer conscious living people around the globe. We currently have 130 + premium members registered and this number is steadily growing.
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See All Premium Members

We have 120 + premium members registered so far, mainly from the United States & Europe, but users are joining from all around the world. Feel free to use our search functionality and get to know other likeminded people.

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We Value Our Premium Members

TantraLovers | Premium is not just a tantra dating site. With Premium membership, you get all functionalities of a free membership included. We worked hard to build this website and we value every new premium subscription. Even though you might not find people in your area yet, we would like to assure you that we’re working hard to have premium members in all countries & cities.

Premium Support

If you face any technical difficulties, run into any issues or have troubles using the site, please let us know.

150 + Premium Members

Even though this is a new functionality, our number of premium members is growing quick

International Website

International platform intended to deliver you the experience you deserve

All Devices Compatibility

You can use our ‘Tantric Match’ feature on phone, tablet or PC. We do our best to make this site as user friendly as possible
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