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TantraLovers | Online Community Platform has been carefully designed to help you on your spiritual path of Tantra. Whether you’re looking for a professional guidance, inspiration, online education, or you just would like to connect with other conscious living people with interest in Spirituality and Tantra, this is the right place for you.

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Variety of Tantra Instructors, Teachers & Healers, registered at TantraLovers platform joined our growing community with an intention to help & assist those on the path of Tantra looking for a Tantra Teacher. Selection of teachers on TantraLovers represent the best in the field of Tantra. Aim of our growing directory of tantrich teachers & tantric healers is to make sure our members can easily choose what is best for them. Even though we do our best to deliver the highest value, it is up to you to decide who the right teacher is for you.

When evaluating who the right teacher is on your personal path, you should ask yourself following questiosn:

  1. Ask about their background. Make sure that teacher(s) have the skills to emotionally and psychologically support you.
  2. Read through the description on teachers’ profiles and find out how long has she/he been teaching. As with everything, experience makes the master.
  3. Ask about lineage of teachers. As you might know, Tantra is a 5000+ year-old tradition. Who taught their teachers and their teachers?
  4. Is Tantra their profesion? Are they teaching full time?
  5. If you are interested in your Tantric practice in the context of a committed long-term relationship, you should look for a teacher, who is in a long-term relationship. (If you’re looking for a tantra partner, you might also want to check out our ‘Tantric Match‘ functionality.)

Tantra Teachers registered at our platform can be found based on physical location (where they teach, where they host events/workshops, etc). With more then 40 + tantra instructors registered, there is a chance you will find someone in your country/location. However if you’re looking for online teachings, most of the teachers offer their services via zoom/skype or other video or audio converencing tools as well. You should check teachers’ personal profiles to find out more information related to what form of teachings are offered.

We’re working hard on inviting tantra teachers from around the globe to join our growing community of tantricas. If you did not find a tantra teacher near you, please be patient, this might soon change. We’re confident there are more high quality teachers coming in the upcoming weeks/months, simply because the level of our involvement and the level of services we wish to deliver to our members. If you would like to be pro-active, we would be more then happy if you spread the word about his platform and perhaps take an action related to inviting more quality teachers to our online tantric community.

Every tantra instructor registered at our platform should have available contact details such as email address, phone number, their website, social profiles, etc. You can also contact the teacher via private messaging functionality available at the portal, if you have Basic or Premium membership.

Even though you can contact our tantra teachers privately via their contact details they share on their profiles, they should respond if you try to reach them from within TantraLovers platform as well. If you have an experience of messaging them using our private messaging functionality and teacher you’re trying to reach to is not responding, let us please know.

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