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  • Personal Consultation  – 60 minutes

  • Couple Session  – 60/90 minutes

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Hello beloved, It’s Ava & Amanda; Your guides and experts in Intimacy & Sexuality. You’re invited into the journey of a lifetime. A deep dive into intimacy, the kind of intimacy you’ve dreamed of but didn’t know how to reach. We invite you to say YES to expanded states of pleasure and a sex life that will bring you to your knees.

We’ve made it our life’s work to truly understand the vast and incredible portal of intimacy, sex and relationships. It’s interesting that we live in a world where throughout our entire education, we learn nothing about the very thing that we all long for… to love and be loved.

Work With Me


Private Consultations

On our one on one session I’ll work with you (as an individual or as a couple) about whatever you are working through right now.

Among other topics, we can discuss how to balance the masculine and feminine in your life, find out how to find a quiet mind for meditation, or learn how to hear your intuition and follow your inner truth. If you’ve had experiences you can’t explain and wold just like to talk abou them, I’m there for you too.

Energy Grid Readings

Energy Grid Readings are incredibly helpful to understand who we truly are. Together, we will find out what your actual “blueprint” looks like, who you were before you were influenced by your parents, society, and the experiences in your life.

Understanding who we are naturally are brings us desired peace because we stop trying to be who we think we are supposed to be. We can rest easy in our actual design and grow and expand from there.

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Hi, I’m Amanda. A Pleasure Coach for the Feminine Embodied Leader

I’m here to help you cultivate a juicy, orgasmic connection to your body so that you can have deeply fulfilling relationships and live your most abundant, pleasurable, magnetic AF life in every way imagined. 

Because my love, you get to have it all and pleasure is the currency that will take you there.

My Purpose


When you are connected to your body, you feel your confidence oozing from within you, your presence lights up a room and you become a magnet for all that you desire. You know how to claim what you want and you embody your truth so fiercely that you get it. EVERY TIME. A woman that is turned on to life is a gift to the planet, she stands for change as she ushers in a New Paradigm for what is possible in love, life, and business. I am here to teach you the power of embracing all aspects of your feminine essence. Guiding you in activating your wild woman, saying hello to your sexy seductress and remembering the Divine Queen that lies within you. I stand as a reminder that you get to have a deeply fulfilling multi-orgasmic sex life and be turned on by running a wildly successful passion-based business that allows you to live the life you’ve dreamed of. I am an embodied reminder that your success and your pleasure are one, that you get to have it all babe and it gets to be fun, orgasmic and easy.

My Mission is to…


By providing you with powerful practices that completely transform your relationship to your body and your pleasure. Through sharing incredible tools to help you communicate your desires and OWN the fact that you are worthy of receiving it all. By helping you step into EMBODIED Leadership so that you get to create your heaven on earth becoming an example of what is possible. In which I’ve initiated a deeply connected community of women who believe in the power of pleasure and are committed to supporting each other in living their most abundant, fulfilling lives.

Work with me privately

Each year, I work exclusively with a handful of new clients privately on a transformational journey that helps them reclaim a connection to their feminine radiance, deepen their love for their bodies and open up to being fully met in their intimate relationships. My one-on-one mentorship is for the highly successful badass boss babe who wants to bring more pleasure into her body, her business and her lifestyle. Applications are currently open as I have two spots opening up in the next month.

The Path that started it all

Growing up with a single mother who was deeply in her masculine, I never knew what it meant to be a feminine embodied woman. I had to learn how to healthily connect to my emotions, communicate my heart’s truth and tap into feeling myself and my body from the inside out. Undoubtedly what changed my life the most, was when I started consciously connecting to my Feminine Hormonal Cycle. Through learning this practice I began understanding the ebb and flow of the feminine nature. I became more compassionate towards myself and others. I was able to more easily communicate my needs in my romantic partnerships and run my business with more ease and grace. I have since created a best-selling course called Cycle Wisdom that teaches you how to tap into this ancient knowledge too.


Hi, I'm Amanda,

A Pleasure Coach for the Feminine Embodied Leader

I’m here to help you cultivate a juicy, orgasmic connection to your body so that you can have deeply fulfilling relationships and live your most abundant, pleasurable, magnetic AF life in every way imagined.

Amanda Biccum

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