Reawakening Our Conscious Sexuality

What Is Tantric Sex?

Following post is contributed by our member teaher Amanda Biccum
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Untapped and unrealized by many, sex is sacred and spiritual. There is so much we are not taught about the spirituality or sacredness of our divinity that we fall out of touch with our sexuality. In this episode, host, Amanda Biccum, takes us closer to the connection of ourselves by reawakening our conscious sexuality. At the heart of it is the ancient practice of tantric sex that could increase and create mind-body connections. Stop looking for the truth outside and, instead, seek within to find our deepest connection with the divine.

Reawakening Our Conscious Sexuality: What Is Tantric Sex?

As we are nearing the beginning of the New Year, I always take some time to feel into what it is I’m calling in. What is it that I want to call in for 2020? Typically, there is a word that I anchor in. My first word when I was tuning into this was expansion. My second word as I felt a little bit deeper was grounded, grounded expansion. Expansion, although it is necessary, is happening regardless of whether we want it to or not. Sometimes expansion can happen so quickly and so rapidly. It can feel as though our feet aren’t touching the ground and it can be overwhelming. Grounded expansion is my two words for 2020 as I am ready to fully propel my life force energy into this space to support you, all of the readers here and everyone else, whether they be on the YouTube channel or Facebook or Instagram.

Conscious Sexuality

My invitation in sharing that with you is maybe to ask you, what are your words for 2020? If you haven’t yet given that a thought, maybe this is an opportunity. I wanted to talk about conscious sexuality and tantra, which as many of you know, I’ve been diving a lot deeper into. I’ve been a lot more public about it although I have been on this path in my own journey for a few years now. I wanted to title this episode Tantra: Reawakening or Reclaiming Our Conscious Sexuality. I feel for those of you who don’t know, tantra is a spiritual practice that has been around for thousands of years.

There are two main lineages typically. There might be others, but the two main lineages that I’m aware of, one comes from the Chinese background of the Taoist roots. The other is more of the classic Indian tantra, which was brought forth through Osho. The Taoist lineage was brought forth and reintroduced into the mainstream by a Mantak Chia, both of which whom I’ve studied not directly under, but I have been studying through people who have studied there, whether they were living at the Osho Ashram down in Pune or they were studying at Mantak Chia Center in Chiang Mai.

When we think about tantra, oftentimes people are not so connected to the fact that sex is sacred and spiritual. Most of the time I believe because we aren’t ever taught about spirituality or the sacredness of our divinity as we are, not needing to believe in any other dogma or any type of religious practice. In our very nature, we are divine. Every single human being on this Earth is divine. Everything we do is part of that divinity. It’s part of that creation. It’s part of that practice. Yet we have been so far removed from our connection to source, our connection to our self is what I believe when I say that. The more deeply we are connected to ourselves, the more deeply I believe we begin to see and feel the divinity within, which means the more deeply connected we are to our spirit or the source energy, the vital energy that moves through all things including ourselves.

Tantra: Understanding The Connection To The Divine

Because we haven’t been in a society that promotes internal reflection, we oftentimes are seeking external validation to share with us or validate us in our superiority whether it’s as a human race or as individuals. Oftentimes, this means that we’re looking to things outside of us to make us feel connected or whole, whether that be a relationship, a religion or a job. Whatever it is, oftentimes, it’s the truth that we are seeking for something outside our self rather than seeking within to find our deepest connection. At the very roots of tantra, it is all about understanding your connection to the divine. Understanding your connection, re-establishing your connection to the divinity that moves within you.

Any of these practices are all about energy. If we were to take down the story of the fact that the divine or God is something outside of you, when understanding tantra and tantra philosophy, we turned back to even more quantum physics and the idea that everything is energy. When we begin to learn, to listen and to tune back into the vital life force energy that moves within us, we begin to see, recognize and feel the highest vibration of frequency that is possible as human beings on this planet, experiencing ourselves or spirit through the physical body, through matter. If I were to name that highest vibrational frequency, which hopefully most of you have been able to experience, it’s orgasm.

Meet Your Tantra Partner

tantric parter

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When we think about sexuality, we are in this act of connection, this act of feeling. Hopefully most of you, if not all of you, your sexual experiences are some of the most alive, expensive and pleasurable experiences we get to have on this Earth plane here. When we begin to feel deeper into this idea of sacred sexuality and tantra, what does it all mean? What does sexuality have to do with spirituality, conscious sexuality? How does that differ from normal sexuality? I can start there. Our sexuality is oftentimes animalized. What I mean by that is that we’re moving from our animal body. We are taught about hormones. We have these hormones. We all have them. Females have them. Males have them. They are very strong. They pull towards one another. They create these animalistic acts where we ejaculate and have an orgasm, then the work is done. This is what we are taught as children, as young adults maybe and even into our adult life. There isn’t a lot of information on how do we extend beyond this story.

What’s interesting is when we think about conscious sexuality, this is where I believe we begin to bring spirit back into our form. Spirit comes back into us, comes back into our acts. Instead of allowing the animalistic part of us, which is a beautiful, also divine part of us, a divine part of our humanness, instead of allowing that to override us unconsciously, which is oftentimes in a very practical example when you are really horny so go out to the bar and you sleep with someone and it didn’t turn out well. You allow someone into your body that you weren’t a full-body yes to. You end up dating someone because you want the connection, the depth and the touch, but you aren’t fully aligned with them.

When we allow these things to happen, when we allow the more humanness or animalistic part of us to happen, it can oftentimes override our consciousness. It can override what it is that we have the potential of being or creating here on Earth. When we begin to understand conscious sexuality, the first part of the first step of conscious sexuality begins with being aware, being aware that our sex is sacred, that it is something far beyond reaching orgasm. Although orgasm is amazing and incredible and most definitely a part of conscious sexuality at all as well, conscious sexuality is becoming aware that we are energetic beings, that we are divine beings, that there’s so much more that we are capable of in our relationship to our sexuality. When we distill our sexuality down to what is the purpose of sex, what we’ve been taught is to procreate life on this planet. The truth is that we’re in a different time right now.

We’re in a different time-space continuum and we do not need to procreate in order to survive, whereas hundreds of thousands of years ago, this was very important for our human species survival. As we no longer need to spend all day getting our basic needs met, the food over on our plates, the shelter over our head, etc., we have more opportunity to expand consciousness, which also moves into our sexuality. When we begin to become more conscious in our sexual activity, we can use our sexuality as an opportunity to propel us into higher states of consciousness through not procreation in forms of the human, but rather creation in forms of using this vital life force energy to propel our soul’s purpose or bigger projects that are beyond the personal self, the me, the I, my ego, what Amanda wants or needs or desires.

Tantra is essentially a series of practices, meditations, breathwork, eye gazing, energetic practices that allow us to become present with what is. It allows us to become present with the divinity, both within ourselves as the individual as well as in the other. I wrote a blog years ago on True Tantric Love Starts with SELF because I had many men reaching out to me primarily saying, “I want to make tantric love with my partner. Can you tell me what to do?” The true path of tantra is recognizing the divinity within yourself and through the expression of the physical body, the connection that is possible between the physical body, realizing, recognizing and sharing that divinity with the other.

What’s very powerful in tantric sexuality is when you meet souls, when you meet individuals who have done enough work around their own sexuality as individuals. When they come together feeling fuller, more whole, more connected to their divinity and the other person feels the same, there was so much more that is possible when you’re not looking for the outside to fulfill something within you. This is a very common theme in our modern-day society is that everything we do, we are looking for something externally to make us feel that we are enough. Whether it’s the job, the partnership, the celebration from the community, whatever it is.

More often than not, we’re looking to support something outside of us to fulfill us, to make us feel complete and whole. When doing a lot of work in personal work, personal growth, self-development, connecting to your energy, connecting to yourself, connecting to your spirit, beginning to understand that the most fulfillment one can have truly comes from their own ability to connect within themselves. When tuning into those spheres, we begin to meet that high peak of interconnectedness in the other person when we’re experiencing sexual acts. For me, when I think about reclaiming the sacred sexuality or tantra, what is it?

It’s all about remembering the divinity, remembering the fact that we are god/goddess. Right here, right now the sacredness is in us. There is so much more that we are capable of seeing, feeling and experiencing when we surrender to the divine both within ourselves and in the person that we are connecting to. It’s about remembering that we are much more than our physical bodies. The physical body can be the vessel through which we experience the highest states of ecstasy and the divine, which so happen to come from our sexuality. I don’t know a higher peak state of experience that’s much higher than orgasm. You could think of an adrenaline rush, but that’s slightly different. Specifically when you get into the operation of full body orgasm where it’s no longer a localized orgasm, meaning at the genitals, but it’s a full-body ripple effect that can move throughout the entire spine and through different organs, which is a lot of what Mantak Chia from the Taoists tradition talks about.

Tantra And Sacred Sexuality

Full body orgasm, sending the chi, which is what orgasm is a concentrated form of life force into different areas, different organs and different parts of your body using the energy circuitry in the body to expand your states of pleasure. Osho lineages also talk about this in a slightly different way. I wanted to bring this podcast to you to share a little bit more about what is tantra and sacred sexuality, conscious sexuality and how are they all a part of the same thing. Everyone is capable of it. If you want to take your ability to feel to the next level, it’s entirely possible through connecting to our animal, to the places and the spaces of us that are so often shamed.

There’s a lot of misunderstanding when it comes to tantra. Tantra is not something that is done with two people. It can be done with yourself first and foremost. I believe it should be. It can be done between two people. It can be done between multiple people beyond even having sex. It’s more about seeing the divine, making love to the divine through our physical bodies. The practices involve energy practices, breath and sound movement and tapping using the physical body as a vessel through which we can connect to the divine in the energetic bodies.

I wanted to come on and start this year off speaking into these pieces because this is something that I’m going to be talking a lot more about in 2020 because I believe pleasure is our divine birthright. More often than not, we are shamed from it. My deepest desire is to create more pleasure in the world and not just in our sexuality, but that is a piece of it. Also, in our lives in general and our relationships in the way that we show up in the world, in our businesses and our work life, in all areas of our life. Can we begin to live a more tantric, a more conscious, a more present, a more sensational life so that we can truly feel, see and embody the divinity in every act we make?

This is my intention for 2020, empowering individuals who are ready to wake up, realize, understand and connect to the divinity within. I have a course called Worship the Goddess, which is a lot about these rituals, how to embody the divinity within and from that place so much more than we could ever even begin to imagine is possible. Check that out. My partner and I have launched a new website that is going to have all of our online products on it. It’s called That is going to be a beautiful resource.

We’re going to have different webinars and different small classes as well as bigger courses like Worship the Goddess, Sex MagickYoni Magick and Cock Magick. All of those are in the vortex. Yoni Magic and Cock Magic are out now. They are small mini ritual courses series for men and women to become empowered in their sexuality, to reclaim their pleasure as individuals so that when you begin to do this work with others and show up in the bedroom with others, you can experience these expanded states with other people who have also done the work. For many years, I was doing my own internal work and I would meet people who hadn’t yet done their personal work. I become a teacher.

People pay me to be the teacher, which feels a lot better of exchange when it comes to sexuality. I encourage all men and women to do their own internal work. From that space, you’ll be able to meet and vibrate and attract the people who have also been doing their work around whether it be their sexuality or their relationships or whatever other piece it is. I’m so excited to bring you this for 2020. If you have any questions, I love your comments, your emails, your reviews, everything is more than welcome. If you want to learn more, we have a YouTube channel called Sex Education For Adults: The Education You Probably Should Have Gotten While You Were Growing Up and Most Likely Didn’t. Thank you so much. I look forward to tuning in with you more in 2020.

Amanda Biccum

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