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In my teachings of Tantra, I share how Tantra is about so much more than sex. At its root, Tantra is about the journey we make within ourselves. It’s about exploring our inner depths, cultivating a deeper understanding of who we are as loving, intimate beings and how it feels to be fully human. With this inner discovery and awakened understanding, comes a renewed sense of how we can truly connect with and be intimate with the world around us, be it friends, family, or lovers. 


This course is for anyone who wants to experience and understand how Tantric Intimacy can play out in our lives, both in and out of the bedroom. I start by sharing how Tantra is about so much more than sex, that it’s a spiritual path, a lifestyle. With this foundation, I go on to talk about the nature of intimacy in relation to other people in our lives and then how to marry these concepts during lovemaking, including how to be an embodied Tantric lover.


The goal of this 5-video series is to shift what we believe Tantra, connection and intimacy to be. In this course I’ll go through the topics such as what Tantra is, how to connect with another person, how to bring sacredness into intimacy, and how to stay in your body during lovemaking. This is a great foundation for anyone who is interested in my course, Foundations for Tantric Intimacy.

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