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Hey Tantra Tribe,

What’s up, y’all? I’m Martin, dad with three awesome kids and the lucky dude married to a total goddess. Got a little story for you and a hot tip on why you should check out TantraLovers – my brainchild for all you Tantra enthusiasts to mingle online.

Back in my wild student days, living it up in some far-off land, meeting cool peeps from every corner – life was a blast. But, you know, as time rolled on, I started craving something more, a deeper connection, a partner to vibe with. Came from a tiny Slovakian town, and let’s be real, I wasn’t expecting to find my match there. But, hey, I thought, “Maybe the universe will sort me out when the time’s right.” Put that thought on the back burner and embraced the solo life.

Then, out of the blue, the idea of online dating hit me. At first, I was like, “No way, not for me.” But after a little soul-searching, I realized my own resistance. Few days later, my dating profile was up and running. Sent some messages, hit a few dead ends, saw some sketchy profiles, but then, boom! Saw a pic that sparked something special. Sent a message, and bam, life took a turn for the better.

Looking back, I wonder how different things would be if I never gave online dating a shot. Maybe I’d have stumbled into love eventually, but I’m damn glad I took that leap. It made it easy for all four of us to click.

Now, let’s talk TantraLovers. Back in my twenties, I got into Tantra – you know, the good stuff. But I was on the hunt for a partner who was vibing the same way. Surprisingly, there was no place for conscious folks into Tantra & Spirituality to link up. Even today, it’s a bit of a mission for Tantra seekers to find their peeps. You either hit up workshops or just play the waiting game.

So, I said, “Why not create a spot for tantric souls to kick back and connect without all the drama?” Enter TantraLovers, where we’ve got this slick ‘Tantric Match’ feature, letting you hunt down others based on gender, age, or location.

Now, you might be thinking, “What’s the catch? Is this gonna cost me a fortune?” Look, I’d love to hand out ‘Premium Membership – Tantric Match’ for free, but we gotta keep out the riff-raff, ya know? Right now, it’s 19.49 EUR/year, but use the code “50off” at checkout for a 50% discount.

I get it; diving into a new scene can be a bit nerve-wracking, especially if you’re thinking, “Is there anyone cool around me?” But check it – we’ve got 2500+ members worldwide, and our community of 200+ premium members has been blowing up in the past year. We’re on the rise, and your support is the secret sauce keeping us spicy.

Who knows, maybe down the road, you’ll be dishing out your own love story in our Tantra Magazine.

And hey, why not join our tribe? Jump into our community right here or sign up for a premium memberhsip here.

Cheers, Martin 🌹💖

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