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Dear Tantra Seekers,

I’m Martin, a grateful father to three incredible children who fill my daily life with love, playfulness, and the essence of divinity. I’m also fortunate to be the devoted husband to my sensual Goddess, whom I deeply respect, admire, and love. She’s the love of my life, the one I’ve wished for since childhood. Now, it’s the perfect moment to share my story with you and explain why I was inspired to create an online platform for tantricas to connect.

Years ago, I lived the dream of a student in a faraway land, relishing the independence and adventure that travel brought. Meeting souls from around the world and forging profound connections was my joy. But as time passed, I couldn’t ignore the yearning for a deeper connection in my life and the hope of finding that special someone to share it with.

I hailed from a small Slovakian town, and I believed that the kind of relationship I desired wouldn’t manifest there. Yet, I thought, “I’ll meet someone when the time is right; the universe will take care of it.” I shelved the idea and relished life on my own terms. But one day, the notion crossed my mind – online dating. It was met with hesitation and a resounding “No.”

My meditation and self-work helped me recognize my ego’s resistance and its ‘wise’ advice. A few days later, my dating profile was up, though I doubted anyone would be interested. I sent messages, but conversations didn’t last. I observed profiles with fake personas, superficiality, and empty eyes. Then, one memorable day, I saw a picture that stirred something special within me. I hesitated but sent a message. The result? Life-changing.

Reflecting on that moment, I wonder how my life would be if I hadn’t taken that step. Would I still meet that special person? Perhaps, but I’m grateful I didn’t resist online dating. It was the easiest way for the four of us to be together.

I’m living proof that beautiful relationships can start online. True, the connection won’t instantly appear with a click, but aligning your desires and feeling joy in anticipation are crucial steps. So, while registering on a dating site won’t magically change your life, it’s a chance you should take.

Now, let me share why TantraLovers came to life. In my twenties, I discovered Tantra as an enriching path, but I yearned for a partner on the same journey. Surprisingly, I found no platform for conscious people interested in Tantra & Spirituality. Even today, there are limited opportunities for tantra seekers to find like-minded partners. You either attend workshops or hope life will lead the way.

That’s why I created TantraLovers, an opportunity for tantric individuals to connect more easily. The platform now includes the ‘Tantric Match’ feature, allowing you to search for others based on gender, age, or location.

Some may wonder if this service is free. While I’d love to offer ‘Premium Membership – Tantric Match’ for free, it’s necessary to ensure genuine interest in Tantra and avoid users who don’t share our values. Currently, Premium membership costs 19.49 EUR/year, but you can get 50% off with coupon code “50off” at checkout.

I recognize the hesitation in joining a new community, especially when it might seem that there’s no one nearby. However, with over 200 members worldwide and a steadily growing community of 200+ premium members in the past year, our platform is expanding, and your support is invaluable as we continue to flourish!

Perhaps, like me, you’ll one day share your own story in our Tantra Magazine.

With love, Martin

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