Being Infinite and Limited

The first teaching is that we are both infinite and limited. We are both energy and physical. This teaching allows us to expand what is possible in our physical lives. It may be something as simple as knowing that in each moment, there are not just two options – to do something or not. There are many, many more options. The challenge is that we must go beyond our mind to find the answers.

We Have Access to Great Wisdom

There is wisdom in the Universe beyond our mental abilities, science and written knowledge. We are often trapped in an idea that everything there is to know has been recorded and understood. This is because we don’t understand that the most important wisdom comes in each moment and is totally specific to each situation. It isn’t the collection of data that makes rules and science that explains our lives. It is sitting quietly at each crossroads and asking what the next step is. This is wisdom. This is when we access the true wisdom that is available to us from this infinite universe. From these two concepts, everything in our lives can change.

Out In the World

In relationships, we know that each of us is so much more than we see. We begin to look beyond the personalities. We see beyond the body and appearance. Because we know that we are also infinite, it becomes easy to be completely open to others. The more we are open, the more infinite we become. From here, truly amazing things can happen. As parents, we can form deep, trusting bonds with our children. As lovers, a landscape opens up between us that would take a lifetime to explore in total joy and bliss.In life, there are always possibilities that we could never have imagined. We take a step in faith and find ourselves in an unknown land. This can literally be a new country (like me). But more often, it is making a new choice in our day-to-day life and everything changes. We choose kind words where we would have chosen anger. We choose courage instead of fear. We choose self-love instead of suffering. As small as these choices may seem, they will always put us in a new place plus there is a ripple effect out into he world.

Allowing Life to Be New

The key is to continue to listen within for the next step. To not return back to our old ways. To continue in trust. This becomes a life lived in a tantric way. There may be healing needed along the way. We may find beautiful exercises, hobbies and joys along the path to remind us that we want to live in this new and expansive way. But the foundation is simple. We are infinite and finite… and we have guidance within at every step. This is tantra.

The Two Simple Teachings of Tantra by Katrina Bos

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