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This series is for anyone who wants to experience more connection in their life and in their relationships.

Course Description

Conscious communication might be the single most important skill we can develop to improve our relationships. However, most of us struggle to communicate in a way that helps us be understood by others. Are we talking without any point or saying whatever comes to our minds without considering how it might land for our audience? Are we seeking a dialogue, or really wanting a monologue? Do we want someone to listen to us? Or maybe we’re hinting around at something because we’re afraid to say it outright instead of directly verbalizing what we want. Are we indirectly trying to manipulate the situation? The bottom line is, when communication isn’t conscious, misunderstandings and conflicts are much more likely to arise.

Learning Outcomes

You will understand how communication plays an important role in our lives and how it influences our relationships.  You will be presented with tools & exercises on how to have more deep and meaninfgful conversations and you should be able to improve your skill of having a conscious communication with your loved ones.

No additional materials are needed for this course.

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