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We live in a very desensitized culture, where everything is very mind based. In this short course Chantelle & Aaron will introduce you to Tantra and how it can improve your intimacy, relationships and basically every area of your life.


Sexuality is something which is largely educated to people either through pornography or through religion and both are quite extreme. Pornography is overly
focused on body image and ejaculation and religious education is overly focused on abstinence or hiding our sexuality. What Tantra does is it offers another path where sexuality is seen as something that’s really beautiful and it’s seen as something that doesn’t need to be hidden and something which really
involves the heart and a full-body pleasure.


Upon completion of this course you should have the understanding of what tantra is, how it can improve your intimacy, relationships and life. You should watch this course if you want to become more comfortable with your sexuality, understand how Tantra can help you experience sexuality as a fully embodied experience where you can really bring a lot more pleasure and intimacy into your own body and into the body of the person that you’re interacting with. This course will also give you access to some of the tantric practices you can include in your life and explain the relationships the Tantric Way!

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