Tantra Talks

my teachings of Tantra, I share how Tantra is about so much more than sex. At its root, Tantra is about the journey we make within ourselves. It’s about exploring our inner depths, cultivating a deeper understanding of who we are as loving, intimate beings and how it feels to be fully human. With this inner discovery and awakened understanding, comes a renewed sense of how we can truly connect with and be intimate with the world around us, be it friends, family, or lovers.


Kundalini Yoga Basics

Learn how to activate your Kundalini, balance you Chakras and access higher states of consciousness.


Feminine Embodiment Secrets

In this online course, Ishvari will share with you practices for feminine embodiment, which will help you balance your inner masculine & inner feminine, tune in with your true nature & feminine essence


The Tantric Woman

Do you know that all women, absolutely all, can learn to open up to vaginal orgasm? Do you know that your sexuality can be an incredible source of energy, vitality, beauty and enthusiasm for life?


Self Empowerment

Inspiration to be the person you want to be and express your full potential.


Conscious Communication

This series is for anyone who wants to experience more connection in their life and in their relationships.


Keeping The Passion Alive

In this short video course, Justine will present several ideas and introduce three games you will 'play' with your partner. She will also introduce tools to have more balanced perspective of your partner and relationship.



What is jelousy? How does jealousy influence our relationships? What harm can it do to us and our relationships? How can we turn jelousy into love and stay in connection with your partner?


Intimacy & Touch

Janie Petersen and Fredrik Swahn invites you to dive into deeper intimacy with their favourite tantric tools that they use every day to stay in connection and keep their relation alive, passionate and authentic.


Tantra Basics

We live in a very desensitized culture, where everything is very mind based. In this short course Chantelle & Aaron will introduce you to Tantra and how it can improve your intimacy, relationships and basically every area of your life.


Experiencing Love

In my teachings of tantra, 100% kindness is the first thing that we must accomplish in our relationships if we are ever to experience true connection with ourselves, others, or God. But I found that we all defined kindness differently - in the same way that we all define love differently.


Three Magic Keys of Tantra

In this short snippet Michelle speaks of three magic Tantric keys as a “method” for life, love and sex. You will be introduced to Tantra as a method of life that will allow you to experience love in it’s fullest delicious potential with three simple tools

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