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Kundalini Shakti – Your Special Power

Following post is conributed by our guest blogger Neeharika
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I wonder if any of you can relate to an overwhelming desire for death and rebirth that is present throughout life?

Desperate thoughts of starting from scratch, all fresh and renewed have travelled with me through the years. It seems that the older I get, the more desperate the calls. Does anyone relate to this? Those moments when you wish that all the tension in all your body, mind and heart would just dissipate and vanish forever. All that everything that you have carried with you for so long, a wish that all that would be vanquished, like it never happened.

I imagine it to be a return to an original state of being, a state of purity, connection and bliss.

This is a wish that has shown up on frequent occasions throughout my life.

Sat on the bus yesterday, it dawned on me that my wish was coming true. Not quite in the way that I had imagined, but none the less, something had been shifting in my life and I can only attribute it to a process of dying out the old and birthing in the new.

It is obvious that not one of us (unless you’re a special yogi with super shakti powers) will die and come back to life, picking up where we left off full of vigour and inspiration.

No, this is not possible. But why then do so many of us relate to this concept of rebirth?

My little moment of realisation on the bus allowed me to see how this process that we all yearn for is a latent potential within us all.

Kundalini Shakti is the primordial force of the being. It is a latent potential that lies dormant within us all. It is a latent spiritual force that once awakened, seeks ultimate connection and union with the Divine.

I came to realise that the process of Kundalini awakening includes dying and being born again.

Kundalini works in its own time according to its own intelligence. To reach the highest levels of consciousness, the entire mind-body system needs to be brought back into purity, balance, and receptivity of macro-cosmic energies. Yogis do this through special practices, even just practising yoga postures can help with this.

Imagine Kundalini Shakti as a wave or force of energy that moves from the perineum or base of the spine to above the crown of the head. When the energy starts to move upwards, it might come across some obstacles or blockages. The energy will try its best to remove the blockage and overcome the hurdle. Sometimes it takes a bit longer, so the energy moves to the first available space surrounding the blockages. This can lead to complications over an extended period of time. This happens when the system is not a hundred per cent ready for the complete ascension.

For this reason, kundalini awakening must be accompanied by a traditional yogic practice to assist the body, emotions and mind in the most harmonious and beneficial way. If the energy tries to move up over a period of time but keeps on hitting the same block, perhaps in the chest area, at its worst this could lead to serious health complications such as heart disease or even heart attack.

In the wise words of all my enlightened teachers and gurus, it is best to live a lifestyle that compliments and is supportive of spiritual awakening, soul ascension and all the intricacies that come with that. Of course, you can do whatever you like, but there are certain things that will make the journey more pleasurable and other things that make it almost frightening and dreadful.

When the Kundalini moves through a blockage or impurity what happens is a moment of deep healing and self-realisation. To understand this we have to understand what the cause of these imbalances is.

Humans are a blueprint of everything that is the universe, and in the same way, the universe is a massive copy of us humans. The purpose of yoga is to put the human being in resonance with universal energies. Ultimately when we are in complete resonance with the universe, vibrating at the same frequencies, that could lead to enlightenment.

What is enlightenment?

Simply put, enlightenment is knowing the truth. Enlightenment is understanding our true nature and the ultimate reality.

What is our true nature?

Tat Tvam Asi – Thou Art That.

What takes us out of reality, away from the truth, is ego.

Our egos are strengthened by everything that happens to us in life. It is our perception that determines our life experience. It is our level of consciousness that determines how we perceive this life and everything in it.

We must understand that the soul is formless, there is no ego. There is just oneness. We separate from this Oneness when we come to this earth and life. We are born and we immediately start taking on roles according to sex, class, religion, race, title etc. Things happen to us and we make things happen over the course of our lives. This all determines how we experience this version of reality, what we do, say, think, feel etc.

But it does not end there! What our parents, teachers, friends, neighbours think, say and do also determine how our egos develop and how we perceive life. To take it further, we know now that we carry historical information from our ancestors with us in our genes, causing us again to experience life in a certain way. If we look close enough, we will see that this is a predetermined way of living that is bound by karma.

Take another close look and we notice that this is an unconscious way of living.

When considering our existence from this perspective, we can clearly see that we live our lives in an almost predetermined way with very little control to create the lives we want to live. We find that we are never really in the present moment, and of course, by now we know that the present moment is all there is. Yet, we oscillate between the past and the future, most of the time past and future that is fabricated from our own tainted expectations and experiences. We restrict ourselves with an unconscious attachment to ideas of who we are, how others are and what the world is and in so doing we make the ego almost steadfast and unbreakable while allowing it to be our personal reference to truth.

Living life at this level allows no room to respond to the need of each moment, it promotes reactiveness which almost always comes from the place of the ego.

It is living from the level of the ego, that produces the blockages and imbalance present in us all. It is through a spiritual awakening that we iron out the creases and paves the way to a life lived with purpose.

Kundalini fixes what is broken, it brings back to good health that which is ill. It adjusts, regroups and redirects bringing alignment, vitality, creativity and joy. Kundalini makes new of a situation that otherwise seemed hopeless. Kundalini Shakti is that element of hope, magic and power that we all have within us.

We all have this potential within us, it is just a matter of waking up!

To become enlightened is to become conscious, alert and aware. In order for us to completely embrace the ultimate reality, the tainted part of us has to die. We have to let go of the old to make space for the new.

“Never too late. Never too old. Never too sick to start from scratch and begin again.”

Yoga gifts us the wonderful opportunity of rebirth and regeneration. It gives us the tools to come into the present moment, to shake off the ego. It illuminates the path in this life that will lead to liberation. That is ultimately why we have come here, or did we forget again?

That which needs filling the most is our need for self-actualisation. It is the highest human need and absolutely essential in “winning life”.

Stay tuned for more insights on kundalini awakening, tantra and yoga.



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