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I’ve found this community of Tantra Lovers and Im wondering how much of NeoTantra we can find here and how much of Classical Tantra we can find here…

I started my journey with NeoTantra retreats – it all started on Metamorfose, the biggest NeoTantra school in the world, from Brazil –  and now I find myself in love with Classical Tantrik teachings from Non Dual Shaiva Tantra.

Anyone else here having the same affair?

I’d also would like to share a few words of Abhinava Gupta:

“In that ‘upward movement’ (uccara) of the vital energy, there is a sound (dhvani), which is continuously sounding as if it is imitating the unmanifest. This sound is called ‘syllabic sound’ (varna). The most important characteristics of this syllable are the seed mantras of creation “sa” and dissolution “ha.” One can attain supreme consciousness by the practice of these mantras. For example, when letters beginning with ”ka” and ending with “ma, ” 6 8 either with or without vowels, are merged into the core of the vital energy or simply brought to memory, then one experiences a balanced state of vibration of consciousness”

What do you call this “upward movement of the vital energy”?

The aspirant realizes that the movement of prana is associated with Sakti. It is she who, in the form of ha/sa, is moving forward and is the real mover of prana. At that time, the aspirant realizes that she gets the two bijas nourished in the two places of their origin, namely, the heart (hrdaya) and dvadasanta, the top of the head. 

Upon this realization, the yogin feels that the prana, before its rise, takes rest in the void of the heart then, by its externalization as apana, the external objects not only shine forth but also get nourished by apana, the moon. The yogin then experiences the all-pervasive nature of prana. On account of specific activities of prana in various parts of the body, the yogin experiences various kinds of delights according to his aptitude in causing the prana to rest in these spots.

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