How I Met My Soulmate (& How You Can Too)

Dear Tantra Seekers,

My name is Martin and I’m a happy father of four year old and two year old who make me feel love, playfulness and lightness of God in daily life and fill my heart with gratitude and joy. I’m also a happy husband to my sensual Goddess, a beautiful unresolved mystery to me, whom I respect, admire and love deeply. With my whole heart I can say she’s the love of my life and the one I’ve been wishing for since I was a boy. I feel this is the right time to share my story and tell you why I felt an inspiration to create online tantric community platform as a meeting point for Tantricas looking to connect.

Years ago, I was living the manifestation of my student’s dream far away from my home country. I love travels and the independence that comes with it. I enjoy meeting new souls from various parts of the world and feeling the depth of new connections. That’s why, when I finished my studies, I decided to pack my life into a backpack and head towards the adventure beyond our European standards and boundaries. I booked one-way ticket to Asia and for half a year it was just me, one day friendships and the beauty of  unknown. It was time of my life, I must admit, which was enriching me with experiences and long-lasting memories.  But as time went on, I could not stop resisting the feeling that being in this (in my travels & my life) alone, is not as fulfilling as it could be. After being away for many years, I felt it’s time to return to my little home country and perhaps start thinking about settling down and hoping for that special someone I could share the rest of my life with.

The problem was, I come from a small city, in the middle of Slovakia and somehow I felt that kind of relationship I’m ready for will not manifest there. I thought “I’ll meet someone when the time is right and universe will take care of everything. Let’s just leave this idea for now and enjoy life on my own terms.” But somewhere along the way, an idea crossed my mind…. “Hey! why don’t you set up a profile on one of the dating sites?” “Aaargh, me?! online dating?! NO, period.”

Luckily, I spent a lot of time in meditation, doing internal work and knew when it was my ego playing around and giving me his ‘right’ suggestions. That’s why a few days later, my profile was available to all those thousands of girls I’m the ideal match for, right?! Curious about what happened? Nothing, nothing at all… I tried to start some conversations, many would not even bother to reply. Even though I chatted with some women, no conversation lasted longer then a few days. What the f…k? Is there any problem with my ‘online dating skills’ or with myself in general? I never really was a ‘macho’ type of guy, but this didn’t add up to my self confidence at all. On the other hand, I was not particularly interested in what I saw either. Girls showing their faked personas, skinny bellies, pictures with 10 years old BMWs but most importantly empty eyes. And let me tell you, there was no end to it, until that most memorable day of my life. I noticed this picture of a young cutie and felt something special inside I can’t really put into words. Afraid to send her a message, because – sure she would not reply, right? Message sent … And the result?

How would my life be if I did not set up my profile on a dating site? Would I meet this person anyway? I think that life would re-arrange in a way I would meet her at some point, somehow, but I feel really grateful I did not resist the idea of setting up a dating profile since I think it was the easiest and most convenient way for four of us to be together.

So I am a living proof that all kinds of beautiful relationships can start online. Even though I believe that meeting the person with whom you feel the connection on so many levels will not manifest right after clicking ‘Search Button’. Coming  into an alignment with the kind of person and relationship you want to attract, aligning with your desires, experiencing joy of her/him before it happens is far more important then living the lack of what you want and expecting that registration on one dating site will change your life. BUT, I believe we should take our chances and not stand in the way of life trying to deliver its fruits, by not taking the few simple steps.

How TantraLovers came to life:

In my twenties I found Tantra as a very interesting and fulfilling path of life, but as many young guys, I did not want to be on this path alone. To my surprise, there was not a website, tantra singles could use to search for other conscious living people interested in Tantra & Spirituality. Even now, I see there is a lack of opportunities for tantra seekers to meet a partner with same interests. Either you sign up on a workshop and wish to meet someone there or hope that life will deliver on its own terms 🙂 And that basically is why I decided to create this platform. I like to see this website perhaps as an opportunity for those on a tantric path to make the process of meeting someone with whom you can explore, share, practice Tantra or maybe even develop that connection you certainly deserve a bit simpler.

I spent years building this website and even though it might not be a perfect one, I believe it has plenty of functionalities you can check out here and benefit from. Newly added ‘Tantric Match‘ feature allows you to search other tantra seekers based on gender, age or location. Some might be wondering if this service is free and if anyone can join. Well, I hope you can understand that if ‘premium membership – Tantric Match’ feature was offered for free, platform would have thousands of users registered who have no serious interest in Tantra at all and would ruin entire idea and effort invested into building this community. At the moment, Premium membership costs 19.49 EUR/Year and now you can get 50% off with coupon 50off at check-out.

Why I’m offering a yearly membership for the price as low as 9.75EUR? Simply because I understand it might not be that attractive to join a newly build community which does not guarantee there is someone who signed up for this service near you. So, where we stand right now, and more importantly should you join us as a premium member?

There are around 900 members registered on the site from around the world out of which 200 are premium members (those who subscribed to tantric dating service) in the past year, so the chance of meeting someone close to you is really low. However, if you’re looking for someone to discuss Tantra online and make new connections go ahead! I promise I’ll make best use of your 9.75EUR/Year ‘contribution’ which will help to cover time and expenses I spent on building this platform as well as guarantee improvement and enhancement of this site to the benefit of all tantra seekers as the community grows.

And who knows, if visitors of our platform like an idea of online tantric dating and enjoy functionalities available at TantraLovers platform, the number of 200 premium members might change to 2000 or more in a couple of months. It is my wish that together, we will create a solid tantric dating community of tantra seekers looking to connect.

And maybe, if you’re lucky like me, maybe you will be posting similar article with your life story for our Tantra Magazine some time soon!

With love,


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