Women Are Forces of Nature

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Which of the Four Elements Are You?

Earth, Water, Fire and Air: the four elements that make up not only the natural world but every human being, body and mind.

According to yoga, these elements are at play in all of the manifestation. The stability of the Earth, the fluidity of Water, the transformative power of Fire and the expansiveness of Air… They are constantly dancing in all of us. We all have all of them, but your own balance of the four elements is uniquely your own.

Yet knowing your predominant element can give you a clearer understanding of yourself and perspective when interacting with others. In our tantra teacher training course in Mexico, we go deep into each element to really feel how we embody each one in different aspects of our lives.

So how do you, as a tantric woman, express these cosmic, universal principles?

The Earth Woman

An Earth woman is like the force of the Earth itself. Mother Nature, Pachamama herself, walking around on two feet. As an Earth woman, above all you are stable and nourishing in support of those around you. It can take a long time for someone to gain your trust, but once they make it into your inner space, you’re a friend for life.

Selfless, reliable and eminently practical, everyone knows they can count on you to get things done when it matters. Friends know they can confide in you and gravitate to you when they need a dose of grounding Earth-wisdom. You are gifted with simplicity, not naiveness or simple-mindedness but a talent for cutting right to the essence of a matter, which in combination with a spiritual view can become powerful discernment.

The Earth signs of the zodiac are Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo. Women born under these signs are more likely to express the Earth element. You can tell you’re an Earth woman if:

  • Physically, you’re solid and robust, with full curves, thick hair and smooth skin.
  • You have endless vitality: you can make love all night and get up the next morning ready for a full day’s hike up a mountain.
  • Slow and steady wins the race! You never make on-the-spot decisions. Not one for spontaneous adventures, you like to consider all options and proceed step by step in your own time. And once you commit to a course of action, there’s nothing in this world that can stop you.
  • You love to make love for hours on end: slow, steady and deep. You often have trouble finding a man who can keep up with you!
  • You love spending time in nature and you’re not afraid to get a little dirty. (While hiking or gardening, of course! Get your mind out of the gutter;)
  • You have a sharp eye for detail, maybe on the perfectionist side, and you want things just the way you want them.

The Water Woman

As a daughter of the Water element, you’re flowing with life. It’s in your nature to enjoy this life to the fullest: sensuality, art, good food and beautiful surroundings, the delights of living in the world and expressing yourself in it. Yet you have hidden depths, a world secrets and mysteries hidden beneath your glittering surface, which you will share with those you trust.

You’re as variable as a running stream, always showing new forms and facets of yourself, adapting to new situations as easily as water takes the shape of whatever vessel it’s poured into. Overflowing with the Water of life itself, your vitality and creativity know no bounds. Those around you feel nourished by your very presence, and indeed you love to care for and support others.

Women born under the signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are likely to have Water as their dominant element. You’re a Water woman if:

  • Your emotional world is incredibly vivid and colorful. This inner life of emotions, dreams and imagination is more real to you than the material world or the rational mind.
  • You’re highly sensual, creative and artistic.
  • You rely mostly on feelings and intuition to guide you through life.
  • You’re a true romantic, don’t try to deny it! You cry at romance movies when the couple gets together, and on some level, you expect your own life to turn out like a movie.
  • Everything affects you deeply. If you get hurt in a relationship, it takes you a long time to trust again—you need to go deep into yourself and heal from the core of your being.
  • Sex for you is more about emotions than physicality. You need to feel intimately connected to your partner, starry-eyed butterflies-in-the-stomach in love, to fully open and enjoy yourself in bed. And when you do, it’s an ocean of pleasure set loose.

The Fire Woman

A Fire-dominant woman is burning with passion, enthusiasm and excitement for life. As a Fire woman, you are radiant: sometimes the blaze of a bonfire, sometimes the clear, steady point of the light of a candle, sometimes the gentle glow of embers at the end of a night’s burn, but always shining.

You thrive on adventure, whether it’s backpacking around the world, passionate love affairs or the inner adventure of intense spiritual practice. And “intense” could easily be your keyword! Nothing is halfway for you.

You bring a special flare to everything you do. Although your temper can be frightening, you have a warmth and generosity that attracts others to your presence. A natural leader, your courage and confidence are unshakeable, and you have the willpower and discipline to accomplish anything you set your heart on.

Women born under the signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are likely to have Fire has their dominant element. If you’re a Fire woman:

  • You have a moderate, athletic build, with a lot of heat in your body and a need for constant movement.
  • You like to move fast, making quick decisions, and sometimes act impulsively.
  • You feel things intensely and can be very reactive. Everything in your emotional life is dialed up to eleven, but the storms flare up and pass quickly.
  • You look for passion and excitement in a relationship. Softness bores you: if there isn’t some feeling of danger (up to and including the vertigo of entering into true love), it isn’t worth your time.
  • When you commit to something, you’re all in, and you expect the same attitude from others.
  • When you make love, you like it fast and rough. Clothes get torn and you’re both thirsty and panting for breath by the end.

The Air Woman

As a woman of the Air element, everything about you is lightness and grace. Your vision is vast as the open sky, expanding in all directions. You love freedom above all. All possibilities are open for you to explore. Nothing can hold you down for long, before you’re dancing off the next thing. And while you may seem flighty you can also fly, with your incredible capacity for openness of the heart.

You love to talk and connect with others. Words flow freely and easily, with a natural poetry and clarity of expression. In a group of friends, you’re the peacemaker who brings harmony and communication. You’re the one with the ideas and inspiration, the one who sees the forest rather than the trees.

Air women are often born under the signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. If you’re an Air woman:

  • You have a light build, maybe quite tall but you walk as if your feet don’t even touch the ground. Your hair is thin and fine, and your skin tends to get dry.
  • You go through life with your head in the clouds: ideas, universalities and abstractions delight you to no end. The practical, mundane details of how they actually manifest are much less interesting!
  • You’re bursting with creativity, always new ideas and new projects, though you have trouble finishing them since as soon as you start something, your interest is already on to the next idea.
  • You fall in love easily and with your whole heart. But if your heart is broken, it isn’t too long until you’re back on your feet.
  • When you make love, it’s really making love! Gentle touch, tenderness and heart connection all the way. You can almost hear angels singing around you and your partner as you embrace.

What’s your opinion on women are forces of nature? What element do you express the most and how? What element do you feel you’re lacking? Share with us in the comments!


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